Drawer Story

We reached out to our Israel Buddies (people from the industry or related to the subject of the specific Vibe Israel tour) and to Kinetis’ Facebook friends to send us posts that we can publish on our blog. Here’s one from Michal Vital who owns the blog Upcyclish:


A few weeks ago I saw a status on FB that Designer Ori Ben Zvi is looking for drawers. As I am a big fan of Ori’s, and full of mercy for the street’s treasures, the ad immediately captured my eyes. Although it was winter, after an hour I sent my first text message: “I know how you like them: old, thick and made of dark wood, I have 5 of those on my street, come quickly, it’s raining and I’m in a hurry to pick up the kids”. When he came by a few hours later it was too late. Somebody had already noticed the treasure and took the drawers. In any case, Ori managed to collect 150 drawers for his drawers project. He got them from friends and from friends of friends, and even from a street resident whom he converted from collecting plastic bottles to drawers.


Did you see a drawer? Do you have a drawer by any chance?

Ori is a well known designer in the local sustainable design scene. Between running his own studio, teaching in H.I.T and showing his work all over the world, he longed for the drawers project.


Ori, what is your obsession with drawers? “A drawer is intimate, shy and clever. Professionally speaking, the drawer has high quality joints, grace of knowledge and high abilities of the craftsman who made it. I appreciate that. It’s enchanting. I see the drawer as a naturally born upcycled item. It doesn’t get the proper respect out there in the streets. You could release it from the bottom and replace it with a new construction. In my opinion the whole story of the drawer is its back. The inside is much more interesting from the outside”.


3Michal Vital is a blogger on Upcyclish and on Xnet.

You can read more about Ori Ben Zvi here.